Renight Cream

Renight Cream

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What is it: Renight Cream. A night-time face cream with a rich, nourishing formula to profoundly nourish the skin with enriched vitamins and antioxidants protecting the skin and delivering velvet-soft skin to the touch. Recommended for all skin types. Especially ideal for undernourished, dry, stressed and tired skins.

What does it do: Skin is nourished and left with a feeling of comfort in the morning. Nourishing effectiveness is guaranteed for 8 hours.

How To Use it: Apply in the evening, after face cleansing, on the face, neck and neckline and massage until absorption is complete. To boost nourishing, antioxidant action, combine with a few drops of the Renight Oil. ATTENTION: Those with a nut allergy may be more sensitive to the product. It is advised to conduct a test patch on the forearm to test for tolerability.

What is in it: Certified Organic Goji Berry Oil Hydrolysed Tomato Extract Macadamia Oil Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin E

Size: 60ml