Nourish Massage

Unique to The Spa Beechworth, this all-encompassing signature massage breathes new life into tired minds and aching bodies, soothing from the very first touch. Drift into full relaxation with a customised oil blend, enjoying  delicious extras and rituals that make your journey complete. Combines multiple tension releasing techniques including deeper work where you need it most, giving your body the full attention it needs and deserves.

Well Being Mum – A modified pregnancy massage.

Duration: 1 hour / 1 hour 30 minute

Price: $150 weekday / $175 weekend

$200 weekday / $225 weekend

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Restorative Massage

This Deep Tissue Massage is ideal pre or post-physical activity, or for those who love a more intensive treatment. Our experienced therapist uses firmer massage strokes, focusing on reviving areas that cause you pain or restriction. Using techniques that reach your deeper anatomy, this treatment will help with a reduction in recovery time, ensuring you’re ready to take on your next intrepid adventure!

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: $140 weekday / $165 weekend

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Rainshower Massage

Rainshower Massage

Bringing together the life-giving forces of water with the affirmative touch of our therapist’s hands, this delightful hydrotherapy treatment is a must! Imagine reclining on a specially designed table with a gentle cascade of water falls from above as the 7 pressure jets of our Vichy shower work their magic. Created to help you fully switch off, this powerful healing treatment also includes a full body massage.


Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $170 weekday / $200 weekend

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Wanting More?

Extend your treatment time with one or more of the following treatments, creating your own unique spa experience.




 A journey of realignment that begins at our bath bar, where we focus on exactly what your body needs today. Hand select fresh herbs and essential oils for a customised bathing ritual designed to awaken your senses. Your unique bespoke ingredients are mixed with the powerful healing properties of magnesium and the perfect water temperature to bring you skin deep into the moment and emerge deeply rejuvenated.


Duration: +20 minutes

Price: $55




 Reduce stress and anxiety with this deeply relaxing ancient massage ritual. Beautiful hand carved stones from the Kimberley are skilfully used to tone and realign the body, melting away tension, easing muscle stiffness and increasing circulation. You’ll walk away feeling stronger, more refreshed and in tune with your body, confident to meet life’s challenges with ease.


Duration: + 0 Minutes

Price: $30




Harness the enriching properties of mud to draw toxins from the body and nourish the skin. Our therapists will select herbs and essential oils renowned for their powerful healing benefits, enhancing your treatment and focussing on your body’s areas of concern. This warm mud application soothes aching joints and eases inflammation, a highly effective alternative therapy that’s been in use since ancient times.

Duration: +15 minutes

Price: 85




Awaken the skin with a deep exfoliation to promote the formation of new healthy skin cells. This salt scrub treatment removes dead and depleted skin, hydrating the layers below for a rejuvenated appearance. You won’t believe how good your skin feels afterwards, locking your next appointment in at The Spa to ensure it’s part of your ongoing skincare routine!


Duration: + 15 minutes

Price: $85