New Life

With so many restrictions on what you can’t do while you are expecting, this is one thing you can. As every day is different to the next, we begin your treatment with a full body massage, tailored to you and how you are feeling on the day. Our highly skilled therapists will work on whichever areas you desire, ensuring your every wish is fulfilled, and your comfort comes first. Next, we flow straight into an organic facial including cleanse, exfoliation and facial massage, leaving your skin glowing and soft. Lastly it’s onto the feet that now seem so far away; once settled onto a recliner lounge we scrub, buff, clip and polish to tidy them up, and a soothing hot stone foot massage sees you are walking out on air.

Duration:2 hours

Price: $275 weekday / $295 weekend

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Just The Two Of Us - Couples Treatment

Unwind and enjoy quality time together before the birth of your baby. Side-by-side we will massage your bodies from head to toe, with a Well Being Mum massage for the expectant Mum and Dads choice of a Deep Release or Well Being Massage. A nibble platter in our Dreaming Lounge completes your time.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $320 per couple weekdays / $355 per couple weekends

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Well Being Mum Massage

This nurturing and rhythmic pregnancy body massage realigns the energy flow of the body, enhancing mind and body balance and wellness of the mother and child. We bring your mind into a place of complete calm while your therapists experienced hands work to release any areas of tension. Truly a treatment to relax and support you while your body changes throughout your pregnancy journey.

Duration: 1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes

Price: $150 weekday / $170 weekend

$200 weekday / $225 weekend

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Journey of Motherhood - Treatment Series

This blissful series of inspired treatments are designed to soothe, relax and restore your sense of wellbeing. They will help you gently rebuild your energy and body after child birth, while improving your mental clarity and supply of breast milk.

This is the ultimate gift of healing for a new mother and makes a wonderful Baby shower gift for the expecting mum.

Package includes:

5 x 1 hour healing massages – designed to enjoy post birth to assist your body in recovery, and allow your mind to rest. We suggest one per month, for the 5 months after childbirth.

1 x ‘Just the two of us’ package – which includes a massage for you and for the Dad to be. Time together can be sparse when a new arrival comes along, so we encourage you to take this time out before your bundle of joy is welcomed.

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Price $885

*we understand everybody has a different pregnancy journey, and some may take longer than others to begin using their package. To help, we offer a 12 month expiry date on your package, to allow you the time you need to settle into motherhood before beginning your healing journey.