Longevity Peel

Showing visible results in half the time of a traditional facial, this 30-minute treatment renews, restores tone and re-positions the skin tissues for a youthful, healthier appearance. The efficacy of the ingredients; chia seeds, maqui berry, spinach and carnosine, is maximized by the Kabat technique, a facial massage method reinforcing skin tissue and muscle elasticity. Includes cleanse, peel, facial massage and moisturise.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $99

Course Option: Buy 5, receive your 6th FREE. Total cost $495.


Skin Needling

Skin needling is a clinically proven medical treatment that offers results comparable to lasers, without the damage to the tissue. Your skin is stimulated to naturally create new collagen, dramatically improving the appearance of lines, wrinkles and scarring. New capillary formation improves blood supply to the skin, brightening and evening out skin tone from the very first treatment.

Treatments are recommended 6 weeks apart, and in a series of 3 for best results.

Duration: allow 60 minutes

Price: $349 (includes consultation, skin needling treatment and follow up hydrating facial 1 week after treatment)