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Whilst the idea to meditate for the months seemed like it should be simple the reality is that sometimes I sunk into bed at the end of the day and realised I hadn’t done my practice. So does that mean I wasn’t mindful? On reflection I realise no, mindfulness or meditation isn’t always about how long you sat in a practice rather about moving through the day being aware of moments often. It’s not about the end result, but more about changing the mindset; exploring thoughts but not judging them. I got an opportunity to practice, I was aware that waiting in my inbox was a practice and this in essence is bringing mindfulness into your day. You see it’s not about how long you sit and practice meditation or mindfulness; it’s about being aware of the now

– Debby Donkers


Practicing mindfulness based meditation is a great way to get to really know yourself.  You become aware of the constant chatter of the mind with thoughts and counter thoughts ever present.  The aim of the meditation is not to become thoughtless (this is impossible!!) but to find the gaps  between the thoughts and gradually they become larger.  You discover that you are not your thoughts. Whilst you are not trying to control your thoughts, you are practicing not letting the thoughts control you. Keeping a regular practice no matter how small is the key and working with the mindful in May program is a great way to develop new habits

– Karen Bartsh


Upon reflection of mindful May I have learnt many new lessons and truths about myself, but of all of the discoveries two important things really stuck in my mind. Number one, there is always time for me – I just have to make it. I am the creator of my own day. Even if I couldn’t perform my mindfulness practice I was inspired to make time somewhere else; a quiet moment on the drive to work or a moment of gratitude before I closed my eyes at night. And number two, helping others without any expectation is one of the most satisfying feelings you can have. The bigger picture of Mindful in May and it’s cause was a constant reminder of not only how lucky I am, but how a community of people can work together and make a huge impact helping others.

– Keegan Dyt


As a busy working Mum of two little people, I have never meditated before participating in Mindful May.  But what better time and cause to take it up, right?  I must be honest… I would be lying if I said I managed to mediate every single day of May, however I did it as much as I could.  I soon realised that it is one of those things that when I made the time for it, I certainly felt the benefits!  I am a good one for not putting enough time aside for myself, because I have too much to do… but soon realised that by forcing myself to take 10 minutes out of my day to meditate, the rest of my day ran far more smoothly.  Thanks The Spa Beechworth for opening my eyes!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey – even more so because it helped others in need.

– Janey Paton


The practice that connected with me the most was the Body Scan, towards the end of the month I didn’t even need the recording to complete the session. Since coming to the end of Mindful in May, I now find mindfulness a daily ritual that I can incorporate into my day at any time. I find it to be a great grounding in times of stress or when I feel overwhelmed.

– Melanie Keenan


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