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Being the only kid in class with an allergy can feel incredibly lonely. But it can also be just as hard as a parent to explain why they can’t have the food at the party, as I discovered when we learnt that my son Jasper was intolerant to quite a few of the ‘staple’ foods.

A new smartphone app that we have discovered, called “bugabees” offers help by introducing kids to virtual animal friends who can relate and teach them about food choices! While a child could be allergic to any food, there are eight common allergens that account for 90 percent of all reactions in children. They include:

Peanut allergies
Soy allergies
Wheat allergies
Tree Nut allergies
Shellfish allergies
Egg allergies
Milk allergies
Fish allergies

In our culture, food is more than just a method of sustaining our health and well-being. Food is used regularly to celebrate events, reward achievements, provide comfort, and even show our love. Given the society we live in, how can we teach our children to safely participate in everyday activities without feeling a sense of exclusion? The BugaBees can help.

With colorful imagery and cute characters kids can relate to, the BugaBees offer an optimistic approach to managing food allergies by focusing on all the things they can – as opposed to can’t – have. You can download it via the app store or google play by searching ‘Bugabees’


Does your child have a food allergy?