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Note: You will need a piece of paper for this task!

1) On your piece of paper write down, your ‘Level One Non negotiables’
What are Level One Non-Negotiables? Level one non-negotiables are the things in life that you just can’t wiggle around. Things in this category might be: Your job, the school run, scheduled meetings

2) Next write down your Level Two Non-negotiables:
These are things you NEED to include in your life to feel healthy, balanced and happy! Is it something as simple as your morning cuppa, or the 30 minutes of reading you do before bed? Or maybe you only function with your yoga class or new recipe to master?

3) Finally write down your ‘would be nice too’s.
Start with this sentence: This week it would be nice too… see where we are going with this? It might be hitting the dancefloor with the girls, or having a weekly massage. These things aren’t essential to your existence, but they are things that make you feel great and that you would have time for in a perfect world

4) Next step – Plan it! -Open up a excel document and create a table with 7 columns – Monday through to Sunday. Then, split up each column by the hour or periods of time, just like you are creating an ‘appointment book’ for your life Schedule in your week. Work in BLOCKS of time.
Begin by blocking out the time required for your Level One Non-negotiables. E.g your working hours, picking up the children etc. Don’t forget to include travel time in here! Next, do the same with your Level 2 non-negotiables and again for your ‘would be nice too’s’.

e.g. When is your yoga class scheduled? Or at what time/day do you want to master that new recipe? Then, with your ‘would be nice too’s – imagine your ideal scenario – a massage every week? Alone time once per day? This is your ‘perfect world’ weekly planner so make sure to mark it all down.

Now – let’s look at it all. First of all – Be realistic. Have you tried to cram too much in? Make sure you have time to sleep (and some ‘me time’). Make sure you aren’t over-committing. This is about balance and not creating more work, remember! Be FLEXIBLE, life can change!

Consider this a draft. A working document if you like. When you throw other people into the mix your perfect week will change. Sick kids, traffic jams, rescheduled meetings can all interfere. The main thing is that you have the intention – you are creating an ideal scenario.
Fitting in what you truly need is possible. Experiencing a perfect week is easier than you think.
This planner is not about restriction, it’s all about structure. It stops you from simply ‘going with the flow’ and getting to the end of your week and thinking ‘where did that time go?’ It is creating accountability for your own life. For the things that you know are vital to your health and wellness. It is putting you first.

Challenge: Do this right now. Create your OWN perfect week and commit over the next month to doing this task weekly.



Create your perfect week!