We make wellbeing a part of everyday life

The Spa Beechworth is a place to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit through a refined selection of treatments and therapies.

We embrace a holistic spa philosophy, drawn from ancient and modern wellness rituals, to achieve total wellness and body care. Our personalised treatments bring immediate results, long-term benefits and enhanced wellbeing.

At the same time, our aim is to tread lightly on the earth to give back what we take. The Spa Beechworth is eco-certified, carbon positive and fully sustainable, creating a nurturing and eco-conscious environment.

We use local organic and natural products to restore health and wellbeing. We provide a space for nurturing and self. And through the healing power of touch, we help people look after their bodies holistically body, mind and spirit through nurturing, individual care.

Our story

Debby Donkers created The Spa Beechworth as a unique place to escape and rebalance. A place to connect with nature and reawaken the soul through the healing power of touch.

After searching every corner of Victoria, Debby found the beautiful and historic Mayday Hills in Beechworth. Surrounded by the calming backdrop of magnificent 100-year-old gardens on 27 private acres, Debbie felt an instant connection, and knew she had found the perfect place for her dream spa.

The Spa Beechworth opened its doors in October 2006. Since then it has become renowned as a sanctuary for people seeking a deeply nurturing experience and time for themselves.

A unique range of beautiful products were specially sourced and developed from traditional indigenous ingredients to enhance the bathing and cleansing rituals.

Today The Spa Beechworth is one of Victoria’s premium country spa and wellbeing destinations. A place of inspiration and transformation.

About Us

When you feel well you get the best possible version of yourself
Debby Donkers, founder