About Our Range

About Our Range

By the way – we’re gluten, dairy, nut and seed free…

Our lifestyle and bodycare products are allergy friendly containing no gluten, dairy, nuts or seeds. We have combined the natural benefits and beautiful aromas of Australian plant based ingredients with a mix of pure essential oils to bring a new range of truly unique products that are good for you, your home and the planet.

Our range is the brainchild of Deb Donkers, founder of The Spa Beechworth and mother of two from rural North East Victoria. With two decades of experience in the skincare industry and a lifelong passion for wellbeing, Deb felt that she had something special to share, and in 2014 The Spa Beechworth range was launched into the spa.

From the very start, we asked ourselves “why create another product range when there are already so many amazing products on the market?” The defining moment where the range went from an idea to creating recipes was when Debs’ son began showing signs of intolerance to multiple foods. Whilst we knew this was a reality for many of our guests there was no greater motivation than when it became personal – so we decided to find solutions for everyone. We have worked tirelessly to make sure this product range used beautiful ingredients, had distinctive smells, focused on Australian influences and best of all could be used by all.

Our guests continuously inspire us with all of our creations, as we first test in our spa. The range was originally designed to be used in the spa only, but when people started experiencing it in treatments we were approached and asked for it to be made widely available, so here we are – we’ve taken the leap, and now we proudly offer our range for wholesale.

So, to recap – Our range is gluten, dairy, nuts and seed free. We never test on animals, and do not allow SLS, SLES, PEGS or parabens to be included in our formulas. We do not use artificial colours or fragrances and our products only contain natural preservatives and ingredients, thus creating nurturing essences.

We hand pick, with integrity, the finest natural ingredients that are ethically sourced, fairly priced and are sustainable for the planet. We combine these using fresh ingredients, age-old principles and the utmost care to create products that support the whole of you.

The range is made creating a low impact on the environment, a concept that has been a core part of our philosophy from conception. The products are made as required; lessening the impact on precious environmental sources and packaging is carefully chosen to be functional, biodegradable and recyclable while being beautiful at the same time.

It is a feel good range with a sense of individuality that encourages users to bring self-care into their every day. The blends have not been specifically developed with one person in mind; mother, business woman, student or child- it invites all walks of life and is simple to use. Each body has its own rhythms and the mind must learn to respect them, and our recipes support that.

The packaging has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing but functional, with an emphasis on ease of use and the philosophy of “small moments, often” – meaning that our guests can bring wellness into their homes and lifestyle without it being a substantial time issue but rather small windows of wellness, multiple times through their daily or weekly journey.

“We’re on a mission to educate people that wellbeing isn’t a luxury; it’s a part of everyday life. And through simple approaches like mindfulness, gratitude and self-care we hope to inspire all to live a well life”.

We are a boutique style company, with a down to earth approach. We work directly with our clients, to help create suitable change to live a well life. By honouring who we are, our being and our bodies we are always a step closer to being well.